Who We Are & What We Believe

Who We Are

We are Christians.

We believe the basic and earliest confession of faith that, “Jesus is Lord”.

We are all ages, all colors, families and folks from across the country and the world.

We love our Sunday school for all ages, youth groups, nursery, choirs, outreach, fellowship, bible study, prayer, good cooking… and especially BBQ!

We love music and all the colors of the Christian year and a grand procession every Sunday.

Grace Church is also an Episcopal Church; part of the ancient faith tradition of the Church of England, and part of that ongoing living tradition of the worldwide Anglican Communion of Churches, the third largest body of Christians in the world.

We are committed to doing the hard work that makes such an extended family possible and we avoid the temptations of divisiveness that plague so much contemporary Christianity.

What We Believe

sacramentWe celebrate and observe the classical creeds and sacraments of Christianity, specifically the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed.

We believe the writings of the Old and New Testaments to be God’s Word. We are Trinitarian and Christ-centered.

We believe Jesus Christ to be fully human and fully divine.

We believe in the atoning sacrifice and the resurrection of Christ that is setting the world free from the powers of sin and death. We believe the atonement to be a big atonement for all, not for the few.

We believe the Good News is Good News for all people all the time, not just for some people some of the time.

In other words, we believe in Grace with a capital G, grace that really is grace, a gift from above.

Grace Church began in 1851. We are a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina. Our community life revolves around the Sunday morning worship of God. Our liturgy is traditional and lively, striving to be faithful to what has been handed on to us with the admonition to make all the things new.

We put flesh and skin onto the ancient old bones of classical Christianity and we do so with joy and beauty. We have a long and generous tradition of community involvement, especially in serving the poor and supporting the arts.

Our liturgy involves participation. It is not a passive experience or entertainment. It is our offering up to God of all that we are. If you are drawn to this, then we may be what you are looking for.

Whether or not Grace Church is what you are looking for, it is important that you know that God is for you.

If you are looking for a faith that believes in a grace that really is Grace and an atonement that is vast, then you may find us appealing.

If you are drawn to a community that celebrates beauty and the God-given gifts of the human mind and human creativity, then you will feel welcome.

If you believe the person of Jesus to be the grand mystery to explore and celebrate rather than a problem to solve and define, then an adventure awaits you here with us.

If you long for a people who serve the world by feeding the poor, housing the homeless and clothing the naked rather than holding others in scorn then God may be calling you to join in this mission of embracing the world.