Jesus is condemned to death
Jesus takes up the Cross
Jesus falls the first time
Jesus meets his Mother
Simon of Cyrene must carry the Cross
A woman wipes Jesus' face
Jesus falls the second time
Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
Jesus falls a third time
Jesus is stripped of his garments
Jesus is nailed to the Cross
Jesus dies on the Cross
The body of Jesus is given to his Mother
Jesus is laid in the tomb


Known also as the Stations of the Cross, the Way of the Cross depicts the series of events at the end of Jesus’ life.  It emulates the early Christian pilgrimage practices of traveling to the locations where Jesus Passion occurred in the Holy Land.


The beautiful needlepoint tapestries in the Grace nave were designed and directed by Connie Thompson.  According to Inheritors of a Tradition (Scott, Thompson): “Her husband Ken measured and cut the canvas. The artwork for the panels was done on paper and transferred onto the canvas with a transfer pen. To guide the needlepointers, she then painted the design onto the canvas with acrylic paint, enlisting the help of Jan Osburn for this part of the project. Then the panels were given to different individuals for the actual application of the yarn to the canvas. The needlepointers were Carroll and Melba Bowie, Anne Radnor, Barbara Scott, Clinky Seabrook, Sandy Sloan, and Armanda Selice, a neighbor of the Bowies. Bill Ducworth designed the hanging rods and had them hand crafted by an artisan he knew. The project was completed in August of 1998 and dedicated in the Spring of 1999. The Hellstrom family funded the project in memory of Michael and Gina’s daughter, Marielle. These beautiful wall hangings should grace the walls of the church for the next 150 years.”