Great Love

Life is all about transitions. Life is full of beginnings and endings. Life is full of moments of conception and moments of dying. When things come together and when they unravel. We walk around like normal, not seeing the changes going on in the lives around us. Everything looks the same, but someone is dying …Continue reading

Lots of Room

Hell and Heaven. Whether we believe in them or not, the ideas, the images, the language is part of who we are. A bad place, a bad situation, pain, punishment, the experience and idea of hell usually involves these things, a place where there is no room, crowded, packed tight, powerless restriction. A good place, …Continue reading


We have all been hurt. And we have all caused harm. It makes it difficult -to trust, to connect, to care, to love, to fully live. The more it happens -the more difficult it gets. The truly great…they turn that pain into something creative and life-giving, into resurrection. John’s Gospel was written by a community …Continue reading


Breaking bread

It’s that time of the year. The season of the appearances, of God showing up. We are, as Flannery O’Connor wrote, “Christ haunted.” We are hearing the post-Easter appearance stories of Jesus, Jesus in the resurrection body, physical hauntings if you will. “The Lord is Risen indeed.” We proclaim it in our worship of God. …Continue reading

Death Ain’t What it Used to Be

Well, I think it’s fair to say, on this day of all days, that death ain’t what it used to be. Not to make light of it, I imagine that we have all been grieved, harassed and terrified by death in more than one way, on more than one occasion. But, perhaps, on this day, …Continue reading

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