Everything we do in our parish life centers around communications, whether in person, phone, online or in writing. The Communications Ministry works to ensure that we reach all parishioners with timely and descriptive information of our Ministries, programs, and activities. We continuously strive to increase our awareness and hone our communications skills. In 2015, we completed a new website. During 2016 we increased our social media presence via Facebook, making it a vital part of our communications efforts. In the third quarter of 2016, we coordinated the effort to provide an updated church member directory to the parish which will be distributed in early 2017.

New to our Communications Ministry page in 2017 but not to Grace, Susan Anderson has contributed her time and superlative photography to Grace events since 2009. With four decades of expertise, Susan’s dedicated presence in the Anderson community is a ministry in itself. She’s often seen behind the camera at community events such as those with the Anderson Interfaith Ministry and Family Promise. Susan is responsible for the Grace photo on the Home Page.

Ministry Members:

Susan Anderson
VP: St. Catherine's Guild / Photographer: Communications
Nancy Lewis
Vestry Liaison: Communications
Pat deVarennes
Chair: Communications