So which is it?
We have to choose all the time, don’t we?
What is being fulfilled?
Matthew’s Gospel says it over and over again, the scripture is fulfilled, as it is written.
What is being fulfilled?
The faith that crucifies?
Or the faith on the cross? The faith of the one on the cross?
Which is it?
Is God the reason for violence and exclusion? That is how many see it. That is how many live it.
Or does that violate the third commandment, using the Lord’s name in vain, serving our own vain purposes? God becomes an excuse for elevating ourselves at the expense of others?
Or is God the one who suffers for others, that they may live, that they may be set free.
Which is it?
The faith that enslaves? That nails down?
Or the faith that sets the captives free?
The Passion.
It reveals. It exposes. It fulfills.
What is exposed? What is revealed?
Is it about inflicting suffering or suffering for others?
Which God do we worship?
Having power over others? Or forsaking power to be with the forsaken?
The forsakenness of the Cross. God’s fulfillment. The fulfillment of scripture. As it is written. It has to be this way.
We are always having to choose, aren’t we?
The bad religion that inflicts or the suffering faith that saves.
Which God?
The idol that fulfills our fears?
Or the Holy One who is forsaken?
The Gospel, the good news, is all about suffering.
What do we do with it?
Embrace it? Or pass it along?
Will we worship the God who embraces the suffering of the world?
Will we carry that cross of forsakenness for others?
When you see the cross, do you see the idolatry of bad religion? Maybe even worship the faith that inflicts, that lives to nail down someone?
Or, when you see the cross, do you see God embracing our forsakenness, turning it back around, to become all-embracing? Fulfilling…everything.
We have to choose all the time, don’t we?
So which is it?